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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Sawhill Covered Bridge

Sawhill Bridge prior to Ivan damage and reconstruction - December 2003
Along PA 221 in rural Western Washington County sits the Sawhill Bridge.  This 100 year old structure sits quietly in one of Western PA's most remote areas.  The Sawhill Bridge was heavily damaged from the remnants of 2004's Hurricane Ivan causing it to lean and making it impassable.  A nearly $500,000 reconstruction project occurred in 2005 that rebuilt the entire bridge from its foundation.  (1)

A look at Buffalo Creek.

Bridge Specs:
Number: 38-63-34
Design: Single Queen Truss
Length: 57'
Crosses: Buffalo Creek
Built: 1915

  • From I-70 take Exit 11.  Follow PA 221 through Taylorstown.  Bridge is approximately three miles north of Taylorstown on your Left.


Henry Bridge

One of two covered bridges that sit within the grounds of Mingo Creek County Park, the Henry Bridge is one of my favorite settings for a covered bridge.  The Henry sits about one mile downstream from the Ebenezer Church Bridge.  The two bridges are featured in an eight bridge, Covered Bridge Festival, that runs in Washington and Greene Counties every September.  The bridge may be closed at various times due to its age and condition as it is well over 130 years old.

Bridge Specs(1):
Number: 38-63-16
Design: Single Queen Truss (on I-beams)
Length: 41'
Crosses: Mingo Creek
Built: 1881
  • From Washington follow PA 136 for about 12 miles to the Entrance of the Park, the bridges are located inside the park. 

  • Ebenezer Church Bridge

    One of the two covered bridges that are featured inside the grounds of Mingo Creek County Park, the Ebenezer Church Bridge did not always cross Mingo Creek.  The bridge used to cross Maple Creek in Ginger Hill but was moved to the County Park in 1977.  The Ebenezer and the Henry Bridge - the other bridge that is located within the park - are one of eight covered bridges in Washington and Greene Counties as part of the Covered Bridge Festival that is held every September.
    The bridge was originally located at nearby Ginger Hill where it crossed the South Fork of Maple Creek.  The bridge was dismantled in 1975 before moving to its current home in 1977.

    Bridge Specs:
    Number: 38-63-14
    Design: Singe Queen Truss (heavily modified on I-Beams)
    Length: 38'
    Crosses: Mingo Creek
  • From Washington follow PA 136 for about 12 miles to the Entrance of the Park, the bridges are located inside the park.  
  • Wright or Cerl Bridge

    The Wright or Cerl Bridge is one of the 23 covered bridges that can be found in Washington County.  This bridge can easily be viewed from Interstate 70 near Kammerer.  The 24' single span King Truss bridge carries Sumney or Ridge Road over the North Branch of Pigeon Creek.  Although the date of original construction is unknown (estimated time period 1875-1899), the bridge was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979 and was restored in 1998-99. 

    Bridge Specs:
    Number: 38-63-30
    Design: Single King Truss
    Length: 24'
    Crosses: North Branch Pigeon Creek

  • Exit 31 I-70, turn South.  Take immediate right onto School Road.  Follow School Road for approximately 0.7 miles.  Turn right onto Short Cut Road.  Continue straight onto Ridge Road to Bridge.  Please note that Ridge Road no longer crosses Interstate 70. 

    Monday, March 6, 2017


    DALLASTOWN - Founded 1736, incorporated 1866. Dallastown is named for Vice President George M. Dallas, who served under President James K. Polk.

    North East

    NORTH EAST - Founded 1794. The northeasternmost town in the northwesternmost county of Pennsylvania, Erie County. North East is in the heart of the grape country in a large part because of its proximity to Lake Erie, which makes the climate favorable to growing fruit.

    Monday, February 27, 2017

    Wright's View

    WRIGHT'S VIEW - This is located at a scenic view along Old US 220 near Sonestown.  Wright's View is named after former Secretary of Highways, P.D. Wright.
    A look at US 220 from Wright's View