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Warden Mine - Elizabeth Township

Throughout Pennsylvania, there are numerous abandoned coal mines.  In fact, if you live in Southwestern Pennsylvania, it is quite likely that one once ran underneath your home.

With the abundance of former coal mines in the area, you're bound to come across an old shaft entrance or other leftover example.  With varying degrees of difficulty, you can find these relics of an earlier industrial era.  One such remnant can be found at the intersection of Douglas Run Road and Round Hill Road in Elizabeth Township.  The entrance to the former Warden Mine sits hidden behind fill, trees, and vegetation which makes the old brick entrance best seen in winter.

The Warden Mine opened in 1925 and operated until July 1954.  The bituminous coal mine was owned by the Pittsburgh Consolidated Coal Company.  In addition, the mine also centralized numerous local mines.  The nearby community of Victory (Mustard) was a company town for the mine.  Personally, my great aunt's father worked here until …

Roaring Branch

ROARING BRANCH - Founded 1862. Named for stream of the same name. The community of Roaring Branch straddles the border between Lycoming and Tioga Counties.


MCEWENSVILLE - Founded 1790. Formerly named "Pine Grove". Renamed for Alex. McEwen, which I assume is short for Alexander McEwen. The borough was not named for Scottish folk singer Alexander McEwen, but rather for Captain Alexander McEwen, a veteran of the War of 1812 who was also a merchant, canal contractor and the first postmaster of the town that was later renamed in his honor.


FLORENCE - Founded 1814.  Unincorporated village in Northern Washington County.  Originally named Briceland's Crossroads.  It was named after a hotel ran by James Briceland at the intersection of the Pittsburgh and Stuebenville Pike with the Washington and Georgetown Road.

Frankfort (or Frankford) Springs

FRANKFORT SPRINGS - Founded 1772.  Small Beaver County Community of just over 100 residents.  Frankfort Springs is known for the nearby Frankfort Mineral Springs that are located within Racoon Creek State Park.  The springs were a central part of the former Frankfort Mineral Springs Hotel that was extremely popular during the 1800s.

The general area around Frankfort Springs was first settled by Levi Dungan of Philadelphia.  Frankfort Springs is named after what is now the Frankford neighborhood in Philadelphia

It appears that the Keystone Town Marker may be in error as it does not appear that the town was ever named Frankford Springs.

Versailles Boro

VERSAILLES BORO - Founded in 1890 and originally part of Versailles Township, the Borough is named after Versailles, France.  However, the local pronunciation of the town is much different.  It is pronounced - "Ver - Sales" versus "Ver - Sigh".