Sinclair Gas Station - Warren Center

Sometimes, cruising along the back roads, you'll find something neat that you didn't expect to see. During one of my trips around northern Pennsylvania, I found a piece of Americana on one of these back roads. Located in Bradford County in the small community of Warren Center, there is a replica of an older Sinclair Gas station that has been restored to vintage condition. The signage, building and the gas pumps all look pristine. This link to a bygone era is worth celebrating as well, as there is an annual cruise-in every September where you can have your classic car photographed in front of the gas station.

Vintage gas pumps serving ethyl and gasoline.

A look inside of the gas station.

True back then as it is now.

I would love for gas to go down to those prices again!

The Sinclair dinosaur logo was a secondary logo back then.

Sinclair gas sign.

Sources and Links:
Welcome to Warren Township - Warren Township Annual Cruise In
Waymarking - Sinclair - Warren Center, PA 

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