Raymondskill Falls

Located within the friendly confines of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area in Milford is Raymondskill Falls. Located on Raymondskill Creek, the three tiered waterfall is Pennsylvania's tallest waterfall at 178 feet tall. If you add the drops from each of the three tiers, the waterfall is just a few feet shorter than Niagara Falls, even if it may not feel quite like the waterfall is that tall. Still, it is a neat waterfall and definitely worth checking out. From the parking area off of Raymondskill Road, there is a trail at 0.3 miles in length that leads you to two viewing areas. One viewing area is for the lower area, so you can get a nice view of the falls. The upper viewing area allows you to look closely at one of the pools at the top of the falls.
Sign at the trailhead on Raymondskill Road.
Trail to the upper viewing area.
Views from the upper viewing area leads to some smaller waterfalls.

Side view from the top of Raymondskill Falls.

Another side view of the falls. There is a smaller waterfall that falls into one of the pools as well.
View of Raymondskill Falls from the lower viewing area.

Close up of one of the tiers of the waterfall.
A handsome view of Raymondskill Falls from the lower viewing area.

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East Coast Hiker - Raymonskill Falls and Cliff Trail

How to Get There:


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