ORANGEVILLE - Founded 1780. Named by first settlers, emigrants from Orange County, N.J., for that county.

When I first saw this Keystone marker a number of years ago while driving up PA 487 north from Bloomsburg in Columbia County, Pennsylvania, the mention of Orange County, New Jersey caught my eye as a typo. After all, there's no Orange County in New Jersey, but there is an Orange County just over the border in New York State. However, there were settlers to the town that came from both Orange County, New York and Orange, New Jersey (near present day Newark, New Jersey), so there is a back story behind the typo that makes sense. Orangeville was almost named Knobtown or Rickettsville, after early settler Clemuel Ricketts, an Ohio native who came to the area to develop the land around the base of Knob Mountain as a commercial center. The town received the name Orangeville in 1824, due to the many settlers from New York and New Jersey that came to the area.

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Columbia County Genealogy Project - Chapter XIII - Mount Pleasant and Orange Townships; History of Columbia and Montour Counties, Pennsylvania


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