Bogert Covered Bridge

(Doug Kerr - January 2013)
The Bogert Covered Bridge is the oldest covered bridge in Lehigh County.  Built in 1841, this bridge has a colorful and unique history.  The bridge is named after Peter Bogert who purchased the land surrounding the bridge in 1744.  Bogert was a German immigrant who also was the first inhabitant of what is now known as "Hunter's Cabin" which stands nearby.  The cabin was built around the same time that Bogert purchased the land.

Hunter's Cabin sits on the North shore of the Little Lehigh Creek (Doug Kerr - January 2013)
The Bogert Covered Bridge has been closed to vehicular traffic since the late 1950s. A pair of accidents in 1956 and 1957 severely damaged the bridge, and it was scheduled for demolition.  Local residents formed the Save the Bogert's Bridge Committee and rallied to save the bridge.  The group was successful, and in 1964, the state turned over the bridge to the City of Allentown.  Today, the bridge is for pedestrian use only and is the centerpiece of Allentown's Little Lehigh Park.

(Doug Kerr - January 2013)
The Bogert Bridge crosses the Little Lehigh Creek and spans 145 feet.  It is a Burr arch-truss design.  The bridge was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.

Interior of Bogert's Bridge (Doug Kerr - January 2013)
Bridge Specs:
Number: 38-39-01
Design: Burr Truss
Built: 1841
Length: 145'
Crosses: Little Lehigh Creek

(Doug Kerr - January 2013)
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