Wehr's Bridge

Bill Symons - 2004
Wehr's Bridge is the one of five covered bridges that cross Jordan Creek in Lehigh County.  The 128 foot long Burr Truss Bridge was built in 1841.  Originally known as Sieger's Bridge, the term "Wehr's Bridge" became more common after the opening of Wehr's Mill, which was built nearby in 1862.   This bridge along with the nearby Guth Bridge forms South Whitehall Township's Covered Bridge Park that is anchored by both bridges and runs along side Jordan Creek.  The area around Wehr's Bridge is popular for picnics, photography, and fishing.

Bridge Specs:
Number: 38-39-02
Design: Burr Truss
Length: 128'
Width: 17'
Crosses: Jordan Creek

Bill Symons - 2004
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