Geiger Covered Bridge

(Doug Kerr - January 2013)
Known for it's uniquely shaped stepped portals, Geiger's Covered Bridge is the fourth covered bridge to cross Lehigh County's Jordan Creek.  The 112 foot long Burr Truss bridge was built in 1860.  The bridge sits slightly over a mile downstream from the Schlicher Covered Bridge.  If you prefer to be a little more adventurous, park your car on the east side of the bridge and follow the covered bridge trail.  This 2.7 mile hiking trail loop along Jordan Creek takes you to the Schlicher Bridge and back.

(Doug Kerr - January 2013)
Bridge Specs:
Number: 38-39-05
Design: Burr Truss
Built: 1860
Length: 112'
Crosses: Jordan Creek

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