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World's First Weather Satellite

Pennsylvania is home to a number of firsts, including the site where the first weather satellite in the world was constructed. The first edition of the useful application of modern meteorology, known as TIROS I, was a joint collaboration between the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) and Lavelle Aircraft Corporation. RCA was keen on the television and imaging technology of the day, but when it came to the aerospace engineering components and construction of the satellite, they turned to Lavelle, who designed and fabricated the satellite at their office in Newtown, Pennsylvania. While it was the first weather satelling, TIROS I had issues from the get go. TIROS I was launched on April 1, 1960, but due to electrical issues, it was rendered inoperable after only 77 days. Still, it provided many useful weather related images during its short time in operation. Sources and Links: - The First Weather Satellite Historical Marker NOAA Satellite and Information S