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FINLEYVILLE - Washington County town along Route 88 that was founded in 1787.  Named for John Finley - a Scotch-Irish settler. How To Get There:

Seven Valleys

  SEVEN VALLEYS - Founded 1892. Named for the Siebenthal or "Seven Valleys" with in view of borough. The Seven Valleys basin was originally settled by forty families of the German Lutheran and Reformed faiths from the Rhineland Palatinate of Germany, arriving in the Codorus Valley of southern Pennsylvania in the early fall of 1738. The lush meadows and gently rolling hills here reminded them of their homeland. The German settlers maintained the Pfalzer dialect of the German language for nearly 150 years after immigrating to Pennsylvania. However, with the coming of the railroad in 1838, the use of the English language gradually crept into the culture and by the end of the Civil War the use of German slowly began fading into the background. During its prime, Seven Valleys was known for the manufacture of cigars and ice cream. Iron ore was also discovered in Seven Valleys, causing a wave of prosperity for the people of the Codorus Valley. It also was a large railroad shipping p

Mail Pouch Barn - Star Junction, PA

Just off of PA 51 near the Fayette County Village of Star Junction is another great Mail Pouch barn.