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DAGGETT - Founded 1827. Named for Seth Daggett, pioneer settler. The Daggett family that the unincorporated village is named after came to Pennsylvania from New Hampshire.

Warden Mine - Elizabeth Township

Throughout Pennsylvania, there are numerous abandoned coal mines.  In fact, if you live in Southwestern Pennsylvania, it is quite likely that one once ran underneath your home . With the abundance of former coal mines in the area, you're bound to come across an old shaft entrance or other leftover example.  With varying degrees of difficulty, you can find these relics of an earlier industrial era.  One such remnant can be found at the intersection of Douglas Run Road and Round Hill Road in Elizabeth Township.  The entrance to the former Warden Mine sits hidden behind fill, trees, and vegetation which makes the old brick entrance best seen in winter. Entrance to the former Warden Mine on a frigid December 2008 afternoon (Adam Prince) The Warden Mine opened in 1925 and operated until July 1954.  The bituminous coal mine was owned by the Pittsburgh Consolidated Coal Company.  In addition, the mine also centralized numerous local mines.  The nearby community of Victory (Mustard