Lehigh Valley Covered Bridge Tour

Scenic drives and Covered Bridges are two of Pennsylvania's specialties.  Throughout the Commonwealth, you can find countless of scenic drives and over 200 covered bridges.  The Lehigh Valley Covered Bridge Tour features seven covered bridges over two counties.  The nearly 50 mile tour through Lehigh and Northampton Counties is an excellent day trip for photographers, adventurers, road enthusiasts, and more.  If you wish to drive this tour in person, the route is well marked and there is a published brochure for directions and background information on each bridge.

Bogert's Covered Bridge - Start the tour at the oldest bridge in Lehigh County.
Manasses Guth Covered Bridge - This bridge is one of two covered bridge anchors in South Whitehall Township's Covered Bridge Park.
Wehr's Covered Bridge - The other covered bridge to anchor South Whitehall Township's Covered Bridge Park.  Wehr's was originally known as Seiger's Bridge.
Rex's Covered Bridge - At 150 feet, this is the longest covered bridge in Lehigh County.
Geiger's Covered Bridge - Known for its unique stepped entrance portals.
Schlicher's Covered Bridge - A gateway to the Lehigh Valley Zoo; this bridge was recently rebuilt.
Kreidersville Covered Bridge - The last covered bridge in Northampton County concludes the tour.

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