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York Springs

YORK SPRINGS - Founded 1808.  Named after local mineral springs that attracted visitors from Philadelphia and Baltimore as a summer resort during the early 1800s.  The town was originally named York Sulphur Springs , but it was eventually shortened to what it is called today. Photo taken by Doug Kerr.


YARDLEY - Founded 1682.  Settled by the Yardley, also spelled Yeardley, Family and site of Yardley's Ferry and Mill.  Ferry service connected Yardley, PA to Ewing, NJ until May 1, 1876.  The town was also known as Yardleyville into the 1800s. Photo taken by Doug Kerr.


WYSOX - Founded 1773. From the Indian Wisachgimi meaning "Place of Grapes." Wysox is where French exiles loyal to Louis XVI built a safe haven for themselves and Marie Antoinette.  Antoinette never made it as she was captured and executed before making it to Pennsylvania.  Known as the French Azilum , the area was an intended home for French refugees during the French Revolution. The village is also known for a utility pole shaped as a giant pencil . Photo taken by Doug Kerr.


TOWANDA -Founded 1784.  The named of the Bradford County Seat comes from the Algonquian Indian word meaning, "Here our great dead are resting."  The town is home to about 2,900 residents. Photo taken by Doug Kerr.