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Zebley's Corner

  ZEBLEY'S CORNER - Founded 1813. Named for Zebley family, early residents. Zebleys Corner is located on PA 261 immediately north of the state border with Delaware. In fact, this towering and unique state line marker (as shown below) can be found just north of this Keystone town marker. The more traditional concrete post that denotes a state line crossing is actually located just south of the Keystone marker. How to Get There: Sources and Links: Keystone Marker Trust - Zebley's Corner


  KRATZERVILLE - Founded 1847. Formerly "Hesslers", renamed for Daniel Kratzer. How to Get There:

Pleasantville (Venango County)

  PLEASANTVILLE - Founded 1821. So named, due to ideal home conditions existing here. There are a few places in Pennsylvania called Pleasantville. This Pleasantville is located in Venango County and is located near Oil Creek State Park . How to Get There: Sources and Links: Roadside Thoughts - Pleasantville, Pennsylvania (Venango County) - Pleasantville, Venango County Pennsylvania

Punxsutawney Walkabout

  Situated amongst the hills of Western Pennsylvania, Punxsutawney is approximately 90 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, 100 miles south of Erie and the Weather Capital of the World. Punxsutawney is located in Jefferson County and is home to approximately 6,200 residents, including a famous groundhog that goes by the name of Punxsutawney Phil. Perhaps you've heard of him. Punxsutawney was originally a campsite halfway between the Allegheny and Susquehanna Rivers. It is located on the earliest known trail to the east, the Shamokin Path. US 119 north of Punxsutawney follows a portion of this path. At times, the area was occupied by Shawnee or Delaware people and sometimes by the Senecas or Iroquois. The name of the town was derived from the Lenape word for sand flies or mosquito, which are found in abundance in the area. I visited the borough of Punxsutawney and nearby Gobbler's Knob on a nice, quiet spring day. It was a good opportunity to explore downtown Punxsutawney and what it