Kreidersville Covered Bridge

(Doug Kerr)
The final bridge on the Lehigh Valley Covered Bridge Tour is the Kreidersville Bridge.  Built in 1839, it is the oldest bridge in the region and is the only remaining bridge in Northampton County.  The 116 foot Burr Truss bridge crosses Hokendauqua Creek and is only accessible by pedestrians and bicyclists.

(Doug Kerr)
The Kreidersville Covered Bridge is a very important part of the local community.  The bridge was the last of three covered bridge standing in the late 1950s.  The bridge was slated for demolition by the state until a group of local residents and preservationists fought to keep the bridge standing.  Today, the bridge is the centerpiece of the annual Kreidersville Covered Bridge Festival and a 5 & 10k race that helps to fund bridge preservation projects.

(Doug Kerr)
Bridge Specs:
Number: 38-48-01
Built: 1839
Design: Burr Arch Truss
Length: 116 feet
Crosses: Hokendauqua Creek

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