Schlicher Covered Bridge

(Doug Kerr - 2013)
When Doug Kerr came across the Schlicher Covered Bridge in 2013, it had been closed to traffic since December 2009.  The bridge, which was one of two access points to the Lehigh Valley Zoo and the Trexler Nature Preserve, had been closed as a result of structural fatigue - specifically a sagging wood deck that caused a substantial dip.  In June 2014, an almost completely new Schlicher's Bridge would open to traffic.  The new bridge is pretty much a modern replica of what was its nearly 130 year old predecessor.   Only 10% of the original bridge material was used in the construction of the replacement bridge.  The modern Schlicher's Bridge is about six feet longer and four feet wider than the original bridge; however, the eight foot height restriction still remains.

The then closed Schlicher Bridge (Doug Kerr)
The original Schlicher Covered Bridge was built in 1882.  It is one of five covered bridges in Lehigh County to cross Jordan Creek.  The Burr arch truss bridge was a length of 110 feet.  The new bridge is 116 ft long.  The original bridge was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.

Inside of the Schlicher Bridge shows how deficient the wood deck of the bridge was prior to the rebuild. (Doug Kerr - 2013)
Bridge Specs:
Number: 38-39-06
Built: 1882
Rebuilt: 2014
Length: 110' (1882) / 116' (2014)
Design: Burr Arch Truss
Crosses: Jordan Creek

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